December 28 2017 to January 1, 2018: End of year 2017: Revellion in Espacio Arco Iris / Sao Paulo-Brazil.


Revellion 2018

Workshops / Lectures Avi Hay

Meditation: the art of Being
What is meditation? Meditation is to know the gift of life! It is simply gathering the attention of the senses and absorbing it in the heart, to feel the flow of life and love. With Avi Hay you can learn to meditate in a simple way and without religious labels, gathering science and spirituality, which allows you to let go and simply be.


Healing the body from meditation
Our body manifests nothing by itself, it has no will of its own, just as our car does not travel anywhere on its own. It is we who manifest in it! And if, on hearing what the subconscious communicates to us, we can free ourselves from repressed emotions and allow a natural and spontaneous healing.

Regression and progression in the now
For me to have past lives is not a matter of belief but of experience with many people and in one’s memory. Nor is it about remembering our past lives, the information itself is not important. Our learning is to release those memories that act on us as programs from the subconscious and cause suffering, to live fully with freedom and happiness.

Transmission of information and energy
Channeling energy and information is a capacity of every human being, because all souls actually have a unique, direct and direct relationship with the Source of life or “Zero Point” of the hologram of creation, where we are interconnected and synchronized. When we vibrate with this frequency in the heart, we can help ourselves and others to understand and heal and understand human suffering.


Healing with sacred sound
The voice is a divine instrument embodied in the human being, but not all of us use it with focused intention and attention, which allows to raise the vibration and to manifest healing and love for ourselves and others.

The Body of Light
How can we recognize and transform our deepest soul needs in a conscious and effective way of evolving? Considering not only our need as people, but what we can sow for the sake of evolution in human consciousness. With that we can expand the Body of Light or the astral body, which is simply the driver of the physical vehicle, towards the experience of the divinity in oneself.

Practices: Chi Kong, Yoga, DanceContact



Workshop / Lectures Amor:

1, The theater of sexuality

Friday afternoon, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Sacred Sexuality is a dialogue between  two and can be a game  you enjoy.         Through theater games we experience the freedom to try, explore, flow, remove embarrassment and break with taboos. A dance party!



2. Encounter with my Being

Saturday morning, 11: 00-14: 00,

Sacred Sexuality is a doorway through which I  meet my being, it is the result of  empowering both the masculine and the  feminine.  In order to dialogue with the Being it is necessary to explore the qualities that are foundation of my greatness:

Communicating  from the heart.

The connection with my strength.

The sensation of infinite beauty.

The confidence to be able to create.

3. The serpent sueds its skin.

Saturday afternoon, 17: 00-21: 00h.

In a shamanic process we are releasing the emotional layers that make it difficult for us to enter relationships from our center. In this  process we are activating hope and patience with ourselves. As we recognize and respect our own space and that of the other, we come to feel deserving of healthy and pure relationships.

4. Love in your eyes..

Sunday morning, 11: 00-14: 00

Feeling our beauty as an expansion to the Infinite, we open ourselves to magic, to new discoveries in Sacred Sexuality and connect with the will to create a dialogue between two beings who look at each other  from a place of tenderness.


“The flower of life” show:

A 6-petal spectacle, according to sacred geometry, which is a different expression of mood, style and color according to human experience, which allows to celebrate life as an incessant magic.





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