About Me

I am a guide for transformation through dancing. Throughout my life I have created a unique and special way, to transform people through dance, because I have discovered that it allows us to illuminate our shadows with the light of consciousness, happiness and love.

I approach my sessions from this connection with Being through my Heart, an experience I have cultivated in the last 20 years of teaching. My goal and my responsibility are always to lead others to reconnect and live from Divinity and manifest consciously.

 “Dancing is my way of Being”

For me, to dance is to:

  • Connect with myself through love, acceptance and compassion.
  • Find infinite possibilities in creativity.
  • Look closely and listen to my inner child.
  • See my “walls” and leap over them.
  • Express my emotions with confidence and acceptance.
  • Feel Mother Nature within me.
  • Discover my ability to heal.
  • Recognize my inner power and manifest what I want.
  • Celebrate the joy of living in conscious movement as a form of simply Being.

From the age of 7, I  have learned ballet, folk dance, flamenco, Sufi and shamanic dance and have been a pioneer of Oriental Dance in Spain since 1997. As a dancer I have performed with multiple musical groups and have given workshops at international festivals in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Israel and the United States.

In addition to these multiple styles of dance, I integrate into my classes, my knowledge of yoga, healing with Universal Energy, Japanese martial arts, Tai Chi, meditation and tools from my  academic studies of social work. Nowadays my  students teach in Granada, Malaga, Cordoba, Marbella and even Caracas. In Israel I have worked with mixed groups of women (Jewish and Arab), from the approach of a holistic evolution toward tolerance and peace.