Transformative Dance

Transformative Dance is a process of healing and empowerment, grounded deeply  in our Being, which marks a before and after in our life

Transformative Dance is my special and unique path, a path which I have developed for personal and spiritual growth through conscious movement.

First of all, it is a therapeutic dance. The process is as follows: I connect people with the passion of life itself and guide them to feel the flow of vital joyful energy of movement and to enjoy the beauty of the here and now .

Then, I help them to go deeper and experience physically the patterns of their relationships, and express  fears or emotions like rage and sadness, that are like curtains behind which we hide from our divinity. By dancing them from the depths of our heart we can free ourselves from them and the process of true healing occurs:

Finally, in this process we begin to recognize the inner power from past experiences as a positive force that enables us to manifest what we want in our life. Many times it is the connection with nature that helps us  live this expansion joyfully.

Modality: In a session of Transformative Dance there are multiple exercises: free expression, guided movement in group, in pairs or alone

We draw the session to a close when by  gathering   in a circle to share our experiences  and bring ourselves to a deeper understanding of them through conscious integration.

Tools and styles of Dance: My work draws from various styles of dance such as Middle Eastern,  Folk,  Sufi, Flamenco,  Shamanic and free as well as guided dance.

We combine our dancing with theater exercises,  games,  meditation,  language,  hands-on energetic healing  and energetic work with  veils and  swords.

The 7 main portals that I use and correspond to qualities that we can enhance in our life:

1. The Inner Child: Using play in dance to connect with the joy of living and facilitate the concept of inner change.

2. Sacred Femininity: Feeling inner and outer beauty through wave- like and rhythmic movements in the pelvis, originating from  Oriental Dance.

3. Shamanic Power: Powerful work in circles using repetitive movements, bringing ourselves towards  trance state of consciousness, to awaken the power of the healing.

4. The Inner Warrior: Energetic work with the sword that enables us to draw out  our inner power for conscious manifestation in life.

5. Nature and the Elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire anchor us at the center of Being and permit us to enhance creativity,  fluidity  and wholeness in life.

6. The Power of Sensuality: Exercises of loving oneself and the other through touch and dance, which  also helps in the process of expansion towards fullness.

 7. Angelic Love: Movement meditation exercises to help us move gently from the heart space and experience of our own divinity and unconditional love.

Participants: Transformative Dance is suitable for men and women, all lovers of dance and conscious movement, as a form of inner work and spiritual growth. No prior experience is necessary.