Regular Classes

Classes are two hours long and include  exercises of emotional liberation, inner balance, playfulness, empowerment, union with nature, connection with femininity and sensuality through dance. They are intended for both men and women without prior knowledge of any dancing technique.


The Dance of Being”, weekly workshop for mixed groups:  

A workshop held in Pedreguer during 2016.

In this workshop we worked with 7 portals to experience the divinity: 1. the inner child; 2. Sacred femininity / masculinity; 3. shamanic healing; 4. the inner warrior; 5. the elements of nature; 6. the power of sensuality 7. angelic love. The portals correspond to qualities that we can enhance in our life as joy, inner beauty, healing power and manifestation, conscious creation, the balance between male and female energies and unconditional love.
Each session involves a process of emotional liberation and openness of the heart through listening in multiple exercises of free and guided movement in group, pairs or alone. It ends by sharing experiences and moving from the experience to understanding and to conscious integration.
Weekly Circle of Woman “Dancing with your Goddess”:

Centro Sanaconsciencia, Málaga, during 2015.

  • Express your divinity by dancing.
  • Live your presence in the body.
  • Feel the fusion with the universe.
  • Discover your creativity.
  • Listen to your inner child.
  • Illuminate life with joy.
  • Recognizes the power of the warrior.
  • Celebrate beauty and femininity.