My show can span from between 15 to 45 minutes, with recorded music or as I prefer, with live music. They are often incredibly moving because they inspire the audience deeply through different styles and awaken the experience of unity, through music and dance. To request a show please communicate with me through the form.


Dance shows with recital of poetry “The Magic in dance”

Held in Brazil, Balneário Camboriú, Pousada Estaleiro and in São Paulo, Espaço Arco Íris, in August 2016. It was composed of 5 dances which represent the magic of travelling inwards and discovering this “lake” with its different colors and contours:
In the forest of fairies

The beauty of goddess

The rhythms of the Earth.

The power of pure magic

Swords of wholeness


“The Goddess is in you”

Held in Orba in November 2015. It was composed of several dances that represent the inner journey of the Goddess revealed in all of us.  Viewers were invited to share their  thoughts after the following dances:
The search

The expansion into womanhood

Rhythms of the earth

The power of a warrior

The serene heart