Sword as an archetype

I use a wooden Boken sword, to assist the process of Transformative Dance. With it we can connect with the subconscious and create change, allowing our “inner boy or /girl” to play with our shadow, like the samurai.

When we “cut” or “slice” the enemy with the sword, it reflects on our own fear and self-destructive thinking. We than point it in a direction that represents a goal that we can consciously manifest. The subconscious understands these symbols and assimilates them as a reality that we can bring into everyday life.

In the sessions,  participants are able to recognize their inner warrior and celebrate the samurai. In all of us tt moves a very powerful energy and brings out a Warrior of Light who transforms our fears and dark emotions so that we can live from our divinity.

This work with the sword allows us to anchor ourselves in our heart centers and be  able to set  our limits with confidence, find clarity in our individual paths each one’s path, grow in will power and the ability to achieve our goals in life, feel joy and enthusiasm as we walk our path with  freedom of choice.